Things That People Consider as Their Greatest Life Achievement

Achievements give a person tangible evidence that he is considered successful by the wider world. Achievements change over time and with context, and are also highly personal. Here are some of the things that people consider as achievements.

Pursuing Interesting and High Quality Work - Having an interesting, stimulating job gives people a sense of pleasure, pride and even joy. Work is always an essential part of people's lives. People take pleasure in work that demonstrates creativity that takes ideas to another level or raises the criteria of what is possible. Some people have placed their heart and soul into their work, so achieving a positive outcome gives them a feeling of pride and success. People who have made breakthroughs through their work feel a clear sense of pride. You can also read some of my life achievements .

Awards and Promotions - People have a healthy interest in garnering acknowledgement for their efforts, particularly if it comes from individuals or institutions that they recognize as important. Promotion indicates that they have been acknowledged within their professional sphere and is a vindication for their hard work and efforts.

Happy Family Life - People would not see themselves as a success if their achievements in the work place fundamentally undermined family life. If they could see themselves as having integrated their home and work lives in a healthy and viable way, they would consider it is a very important achievement. For a lot of people, integration is better than compartmentalization. This does not indicate that tension or difficult decisions are completely eradicated, but the people who see this as an area of personal achievement espouse the idea that compromises matter here. People who value believe that being a good parent or spouse is more important say that their achievements at the workplace indirectly came about because of a supportive and happy family.

Being Able to Handle Challenges, Complexity, and Change - Achievement is not just about happiness, it is also about being able to withstand tough times and challenging events. Nothing worth having is a seamless journey to the top and people will always encounter difficulties along the way. Being able to bounce back and carry on regardless of difficulties is a valuable trait for many people. There is also a link with boldness and being able to take risks. You may read more about life at .

Being a Role Model or Pioneer - The ability to take on the challenges of being a pioneer in a new field is something that most people would be proud to have. Validity also brings about a certain degree of scrutiny because many people will be aware of what you do. There are also some of my life achievements that you may want to read.